Moving Long Distance? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

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Getting ready for a long-distance move is a lot harder than you think. In addition to all of the normal packing that you have to do, there are a few unique questions that you have to ask yourself to be prepared. 

How Will You Get To Your New Home? 

The big question you'll need to ask yourself is how you plan to get to your new home. Moving a long distance gives you several options, with it largely depending on if you have a vehicle. Some people decide to drive to their new home and make a road trip out of it, while others pay to have their vehicle transported to their destination while they fly there. 

The big difference between these two methods will be the total cost of the trip. While a long-distance moving company can transport your vehicle for you, there will likely be an additional charge for auto transport. There are also the added costs involved with booking flights for you and your family. Driving can save on these costs, but that can bring some of its own challenges with it due to having to travel so many miles. Expect to budget for gas, food, and hotel rooms along the way.

Will You Be Packing Your Own Items?

Finding time to pack up an entire home will be a challenge. You'll need to decide well in advance if you want to do the packing yourself or leave it to a professional. One of the risks you run with packing on your own is not getting the job done by the time your moving day arrives. You may be surprised at how long it takes to pack up everything that you own, which can lead to still having boxes to pack up as your movers are ready to load up the truck.

Will You Purge Items You Don't Need?

The cost of a long-distance move is largely based on the weight of all of your items once they are on the truck. This means that the best way to save money on a move is to purge things that you do not need. You should plan to pitch, donate, or recycle things that you know that you do not plan on taking with you, which can save you some money in the end. 

Not sure what else you should be doing to get ready? Speak to your long-distance movers for some more advice. 

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