Determining The Cost Of Moving When Using Movers To Transport Your Possessions

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Moving out of one home and into another can be hard work, and if you may want to use a moving company to do all the heavy lifting. Getting a moving estimate is a good place to start and will make it easier for you to determine the budget you need to set for the move.

Prices And Estimates

Some moving companies will estimate the cost of your move by the number of rooms in your home. A four-bedroom house may be one cost, while a single-bedroom or studio home or apartment is much cheaper. The problem with this method is that it can lead to the moving company being surprised by the number of things you have when they arrive. 

If you have more things in your home than an average person does, the cost for your move could go up after the truck is loaded, or there may not be room in the truck to fit all your belongings. Getting the moving company to send out a representative and look over your home to give you a moving estimate is often a better way to go.

The representative can better determine the number of boxes you will have and the amount of space you will need for the furniture you own once they visit the home. Be sure to let them know if there are things in the house that you are not taking with you so that they can leave them off the moving estimate. 

Price Changes And Adjustments

When you are ready and the movers arrive at your home, they will start loading the things you are taking onto the truck. If you change your mind about some furniture and add it to the move or add a few more boxes onto the list of things you are taking, the moving company may need to adjust the cost of the move to reflect that. 

In some situations, the movers will not load those extra items until you talk to the company and adjust the order to reflect the additional items. If the items are larger, they could affect the amount of room there is in the truck for other client's items, and heavy items can overload the trailer, causing the truck and trailer to be overweight.

Adding a slate pool table to the move, for instance, could change the weight of the load by several hundred pounds, and the movers may not be able to take it. If you expect changes after the moving estimate has been completed, call the representative you worked with and let them know what you want to make a change so they can help you. That way, no one is surprised by the load or the price on moving day.