Protect Your Investment: Indoor Boat Storage

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Boating during the warm months is a fun and relaxing way to spend time with friends and family, but boat ownership is a huge responsibility too!  In the hot summer months, while relaxing on the water, no one is thinking about what to do with the boat during the cooler months. Eventually, though, that time will come and the question will arise: where does the boat go?

A boat owner has quite a few choices when deciding where to store the boat. Some people are lucky and have a garage that can accommodate their boat. Some may have the option to store it at a marina. Storing a boat outdoors at home or at a storage facility is another possibility. Dry stacked storage is also becoming a more popular choice. 

Storing a boat in individual, indoor boat self-storage units, however, is the storage option of choice for many boat owners!

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Indoor Self-Storage

What kind of security does the facility have? An important goal of finding indoor boat storage is to protect the investment! Boats are not inexpensive, so keeping it safe and secure is incredibly important. Make sure to shop around and check the security features of the storage facility. Some facilities are better than others. A well-lit, monitored location with surveillance cameras is desirable. Some will have a person on duty 24 hours a day. A facility with a gate at the entrance will likely require a code to enter and add an extra layer of security. Some places will even have units with alarm systems. 

Size matters!  Before beginning the search for storage, be sure to accurately measure the length, width, and height of the entire boat to ensure it fits in the unit.  

Does the unit have climate control? A unit that has climate control is beneficial when storing a vehicle in the off-season. This will likely cost a little more money but is worthwhile for many boat owners. Regardless, make sure to take the proper steps before storing to properly prepare the boat for the cold months. 

Is it accessible? There are indoor storage options available everywhere! Find a location that is close and convenient. Be sure it has sufficient space to back the boat in and pull it out. Don't forget to ensure the unit can be visited at appropriate times.

There are a few other helpful things to remember when storing a boat indoors.

  • To ensure the boat is not backed into the wall of the unit, place a thick board or chock in the back to stop the boat should it get too close.
  • To ensure the boat won't roll, place a chock in front of the tires once the boat is parked.
  • Double check there is no food left in the boat. No one wants a buggy boat come warm weather!
  • Be sure not to leave any moist or wet items in the boat. Mildew and mold are a hassle to deal with.
  • Get a secure disc lock for the unit in addition to whatever security measures the facility offers.

Indoor self-storage for boat owners is a worry-free and convenient way to store boats in the cold months!